What is the Association of Children’s Evangelists?

The Association of Children’s Evangelists is an endorsed ministry of the UPCI Children’s Ministries. Our purpose is simple–To organize interaction between Children’s Ministers, to increase their ministerial opportunities, and to provide encouragement and ministerial enhancement.

More than ever, we need dedicated men and women to preach the Apostolic Truths to our children. We invite you to join The Association of Children’s Evangelists and be part of a team that makes a difference in families every week.

How Do I Join?

To join the Association of Children’s Evangelists, you simply need to fill out the application located on our website or on our brochure. Once approved you will begin to enjoy several benefits.

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What are the benefits of Membership?

1. You will receive a page on our website to promote your ministry.

2. You will receive newsletters and communications from ACE and UPCI Children’s Ministries.

3. You will be provided with opportunities to minister at the Children’s Ministries Booth at General Conference, as time and space permit. And at Save Our Children Rallies both North American and Global.


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