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B.J. Mathis

B.J. Mathis is originally from South Carolina. He received the infilling of Holy Ghost in May of 2001 and was baptized in the name of Jesus in June of 2001. B.J answered the called to the ministry and started by teaching a Sunday school class. He married Amy in March of 2004 and begin there ministry together as assistant Youth Pastor. After the birth of their daughter, Brenna, they moved to Texas to be with Amy’s family. . BJ and Amy decided to attend Emmanuel Pentecostal Church, in Mesquite Texas with Sr. Pastor Richard Flowers.  While attending Emmanuel U.P.C.  God begin to use them in Children’s ministry. B.J Preaches every Wednesday night in Children’s Church service, vacation Bible School, Bible quizzing extravaganzas, day sessions at Crusaders Camp, and evangelizes for Children and Family services. B.J. has written and conducted training seminars for: Children’s ministry, children’s and adult altar services. He is also the author of the children’s book Knowing the God Who Knows Me. B.J. is on the ministry team at Emmanuel Pentecostal church that assistance in: Preaching in our locate assembly, hospital visits, out reach, nursing home ministry and any other needs to benefit the church the Pastor and the work of God.

Amy Mathis is originally from Texas. She received the infilling of Holy Ghost in December of 1983 and was baptized in the name of Jesus in May of 1991. She answered the called to ministry and attended Texas Bible College from 2000- 2001 and Indiana Bible college form 2001-2003. Amy assists B.J. in Wednesday night Children’s Church service, vacation Bible School, and evangelizing for Children and Family services. Amy also ministers in the Music department. She is the Children’s choir director, and has assisted as adult choir director. She is a section leader, choir member, soloist, and willing to be used to benefit to kingdom of God.

BJ Mathis — 214-733-6373

Amy Mathis – 214-733-6374

Robert and Joani McGray

Kidz-R-SuperSpecial Ministries

Nature of Ministry: The McGrays use gospel illusions, object lessons, humor, interactive storytelling, and illustrative preaching to reach kids of all ages.  

Subjects Taught:

  • Creative Storytelling
  • Praying with Children
  • Unlimited Object Lessons
  • Tips 4 Teachers
  • Never Say “I’m Just a Sunday School Teacher”
  • Gospel Illusions and Ventriloquism


Marlon, Linda, and Laminda Miller are the Abundant Laughter ministry team based out of Abundant Life UPC of Gladewater,TX and Calvary Christian Tabernacle of Longview,TX. The Millers began their evangelistic ministry in 2007 after working for a number of years in Sunday School. At the age of 6 Laminda discovered puppetry and asked and was allowed to give a puppet show in the kindergarten class. As her interest grew Rev. Ron Thompson and Mrs. Sheila Thompson of the Bethel Bunch Ministries noted her enthusiasm and invited the Millers to attend a puppetry seminar with them. This of course fired the interest of the Millers to increase their involvement in children’s ministry.

Marlon presents the Gospel with object lessons, clowning, and music. Marlon has taught Sunday School at Gladewater for a number of years primarily in the preteen and elementary ages classes. Marlon teaches classes on using illusions as object lessons, clowning in ministry, and finding your inspiration to minister.

Linda is a puppeteer and the team organizer. She has taught Sunday School in Gladewater for a number of years with a primary focus on the kindergarten class. She teaches classes on lighting and props for puppetry.

Laminda is the team worship and praise leader. She is a ventriloquist, puppeteer, and an accomplished artist. Laminda currently teaches a kindergarten Sunday school class in Longview. Laminda uses various characters to present lessons in a humorous and engaging way. She also uses inspirational painting set to music. Laminda teaches ventriloquism, puppet character building, and art.

The Millers are available for weekend ministry within a days travel and camps during the summer.

(903) 720-9936 or (903) 720-9935

Jeremy Mohl

My family and I have been involved in childrens ministry for nearly 5 years haveing held crusades all over the state of North Dakota as well as childrens camp meetings.  We use a couple of different characters such as JJ the clown and JJ the “nerd”. We incorporate illustrative preaching, skits, story telling and gospel illusion and puppets to bring children to a place of repentence and fellowship with the Holy Ghost. With a background in adult education combined with childrens ministry I also share a burdon and passion to teach sunday school teacher and children worker seminars.