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Marlon, Linda, and Laminda Miller are the Abundant Laughter ministry team based out of Abundant Life UPC of Gladewater,TX and Calvary Christian Tabernacle of Longview,TX. The Millers began their evangelistic ministry in 2007 after working for a number of years in Sunday School. At the age of 6 Laminda discovered puppetry and asked and was allowed to give a puppet show in the kindergarten class. As her interest grew Rev. Ron Thompson and Mrs. Sheila Thompson of the Bethel Bunch Ministries noted her enthusiasm and invited the Millers to attend a puppetry seminar with them. This of course fired the interest of the Millers to increase their involvement in children’s ministry.

Marlon presents the Gospel with object lessons, clowning, and music. Marlon has taught Sunday School at Gladewater for a number of years primarily in the preteen and elementary ages classes. Marlon teaches classes on using illusions as object lessons, clowning in ministry, and finding your inspiration to minister.

Linda is a puppeteer and the team organizer. She has taught Sunday School in Gladewater for a number of years with a primary focus on the kindergarten class. She teaches classes on lighting and props for puppetry.

Laminda is the team worship and praise leader. She is a ventriloquist, puppeteer, and an accomplished artist. Laminda currently teaches a kindergarten Sunday school class in Longview. Laminda uses various characters to present lessons in a humorous and engaging way. She also uses inspirational painting set to music. Laminda teaches ventriloquism, puppet character building, and art.

The Millers are available for weekend ministry within a days travel and camps during the summer.

(903) 720-9936 or (903) 720-9935

Jeremy Mohl

My family and I have been involved in childrens ministry for nearly 5 years haveing held crusades all over the state of North Dakota as well as childrens camp meetings.  We use a couple of different characters such as JJ the clown and JJ the “nerd”. We incorporate illustrative preaching, skits, story telling and gospel illusion and puppets to bring children to a place of repentence and fellowship with the Holy Ghost. With a background in adult education combined with childrens ministry I also share a burdon and passion to teach sunday school teacher and children worker seminars.


Rev. & Mrs. Dennis Ploch

     Rev. and Mrs. Dennis Ploch has been involved in Children’s Ministry for 40+ years.   Bro. Ploch plays a bumbling church handyman by the name of Bro. Goober!  Bro. Goober has been a part of the Ploch’s ministry from the beginning.  Although, Bro. Goober is not the sharpest tool in the shed, he has a pure heart and brings humor in his illustrated sermons, motion songs, object lessons   and   effectibles   (special   effects/parables.)     Bro.   Goober’s   captivating   antics   draw   the children’s   attention   and   help   them   receive   the   Bible   message   in   a   practical   way.   Go   to and search for Goober Stairs and this will give you an idea of one of  Bro. Goober antics!   In their ministry they have seen many children, teens and adults receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
     Bro. and Sis. Ploch has minister in 43 states, 4 foreign countries, 4 American Native Reservations at District Jr. Camps, Revivals and Teacher’s Training.  Presently Bro. Ploch is Children’s Pastor at The Pentecostal Church in Memphis, TN pastored by Rev. Bill Parkey.  He is an Ambassador with Ronald McDonald House and with St. Jude Hospital as an on call minister.  He is also serving the Tennessee   District   as   Sunday   School   Secretary   and   helps   coordinate   the   TN   District   Teacher Training Program  “IGINITE.”    Bro.  Ploch, Sis.  Ploch  and  Bro.  Goober  are  available  for  Camps, Revivals, and Children’s Ministry Training on a part time basis.
     If you would like to have Bro. & Sis. Ploch and of course, Bro. Goober, at your church for
a Revival and Teacher Training or a District Camp please contact them at 901-849-1099
or 901-326-5838

Kim and David Ramsey

God called Kim and David Ramsey to Children’s Ministry 30 years ago.  They have been involved in all aspects of ministry – teaching and organizing Sunday School, Bus Ministry, Children’s Church, and Teacher Training.  In 1993 the Ramsey’s founded the program, Street R.A.G.E., (Reaching A Generation Effectively) which is a high-energy open-air children’s church that goes right into the neighborhoods where children live.  The Ramsey’s have mentored hundreds of children and have seen many give their lives to the Lord.  20 years later, this ministry still continues in their local church and is being done by other churches in neighborhoods all across America and even on the foreign field.

The Ramsey’s began evangelizing 20 years ago, as well as working in a local church as Children’s Pastors.  In 2009, Bro. Ramsey was diagnosed with colon cancer, and passed away in July of 2012.  His wife continues on with the legacy of reaching children through local ministry as well as evangelizing – conducting children’s revivals, camps, seminars and Street R.A.G.E. workshops.  The Ramsey’s daughters and son-in-laws are helping to carry on the legacy as well.