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Daniel & Marilyn Gums

Local License

Daniel & Marilyn Gums serve as Children’s Pastors (since 2003) under the leadership of Rev Thomas Copple of Spirit and Truth Worship Center in Orange, Ca. Licensed with the UPCI they also hold the role of Sunday School Section 3 Directors of the UPCI SoCal District.

In addition to serving in local ministry they conduct children’s crusades, rally’s and revivals all across the country – from The West to The East Coast. Working with local churches in equipping their members with teacher training and also altar workers training.

The Gums’ have seen over 1,200 souls filled with the Holy Ghost in the 7 years of their evangelistic ministry.

Areas specific to their ministry:

– Children’s Revivals & Crusades
– Holy Ghost infilling main emphasis
– Bilingual Available
– Teacher Training
– Alter Workers Training

While in worship with these two, you will certainly have lots of fun, learn from inspirational story-telling / capped with an altar call where all are prepped to receive from the Lord!

It’s their desire to see all children filled with the Spirit of the Lord.  To experience the Love of Jesus.  To see His healing virtue flow into the life of children.  Nothing amazes them more than when a child surrenders their life to follow after the One-True God!

With their teaching style, you’re sure to receive every day biblical stories in a new light and from a different prospective, with many object lessons and high energy audience participation songs!

And, lastly – it goes without saying, they come believing with anticipation, expecting the anointing to bless children everywhere they go!

714-955-8870 | | Additional Video 1 | Additional Video 2

Joshua M. Hanks

Local License

Josh is the Director of Promotions for the Children’s Ministry division in the Western District of the UPCI. He has held the children’s ministry director position in my local church since 2014. Josh has done traveling evangelism for over 2 years and continue to minister to churches nation wide. He involves characters, puppets, sketches, magic tricks, and story-telling in my services.  Josh is also a licensed minister with the UPCI.

209-595-8367 |

Availability: Part Time

Justin Jeter

Justin and his wife Hillary are the Children’s Pastors of Calvary Tabernacle in Bentonville, AR under the leadership of Pastor John and Chantry Dean. Justin is also a Sectional Sunday School Director. It is their mission to see kids of all ages rooted in Christ, grounded in truth, and built up in doctrine. In a service with Justin, you would experience fun and exciting games, hilarious parody songs, and bible-based object lessons that are relevant for our kids today. Feel free to reach out to them or connect on social media.

Instagram: @j_hjeter and @ct_kids


Dale & Julie Harrah

Dale Harrah is an ordained UPCI minister and has served as pastor in Chicago and St. Louis. As a pastor he emphasized the need for Children’s Ministries. Using puppets since his teens, he often incorporates them into sermons, with a combination of storytelling and drama while he preaches.  Since 1999, the Harrah family has ministered at local churches, as well as sectional, district and national events for the UPCI.

Dale is a graduate of Concordia University Wisconsin, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Communications with a double major in Liberal Arts (emphasis on cultural & religious studies).   Dale has over 20 years experience in children’s marketing, of that 15 years experience within the Christian publishing industry.   Minister, marketer, comedian, and puppeteer: Dale wears many hats, but his passion is “church growth through Sunday School.”   Members of the churches he has served have called him “The Parable Preacher,” because of his storytelling style of preaching. Sometimes old-fashion preaching, other times he’s dressed as a character while he delivers the Word.  You never know what he’ll do next.  Dale uses drama and puppetry to draw the attention of children of all ages.

Take a mixture of teaching, illustrative preaching, puppetry, drama, music and action songs – add excitement, fun and a lot of Holy Ghost and you get a unique revival experience for the whole family.  The Harrah’s involve the congregation creating an atmosphere of fun, learning and worship that is great for the whole church family!   The Harrah’s ministry has kids appeal, and has a big effect on teens and adults.

We look for God’s Spirit to be poured out at our revivals.   It’s serious business to us and we approach all that we do with fasting and prayer.  God blesses our meetings with people receiving the Holy Ghost, children leaving excited about church, teenagers and adults wanting to be more involved with local ministry.

We would ask that you prayerfully consider us for you next revival, district camp, sectional rally, banquet or other special occasion.   Check out our website for photos, videos, references and advertising material.

Subjects taught in teacher training ministry:

  • Puppetry
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Object Lessons / Storytelling
  • Making Props / Decorating

3212 Essex Drive | Saint Charles, Missouri 63301 | Phone: (636)-487-6717

God’s Handywork

TIM RIMMER: Tim is a licensed minister with the UPCI, and an award winning clown. He graduated from clown puppet & storytelling camp June 17th, 1995. He has been ministering to groups of all ages for over 18 years. Before becoming a Children’s Evangelist, he worked as a Sunday school teacher and children church worker. He has a creative personality and incorporates a dynamic blend of illusions, balloons and puppets into a power-packed Holy Ghost anointed service that will minister to any churches needs. His character, Handy Dandy was developed to connect to the children at their level. He will leave them scratching their heads as he performs a variety of illusions that will baffle any age group. Using silly props and plenty of audience participation he is planting seeds of scripture deep within each child’s heart. The lessons taught allow the children to understand Biblical truths that will be remembered for years to come. Handy Dandy has been known to bring mystery, lollygags, and laughter to every service he attends. His outgoing personality and quick-witted humor always achieves him instant rapport with his audience. Watch the excitement fill the air as Handy Dandy pulls his ventriloquist puppets, Little Ed and Brussel Sprout, out of their backpack and instantly bring them to life. The puppets relate to the kids with their life like daily trials and struggles as they look to Handy Dandy for approval and direction.
YVONNE RIMMER: Yvonne is an accredited author and licensed counselor.  Yvonne currently writes a lot of the lessons you will see during a GHW service, as well as is working on another book. She is instrumental in writing the schedules, helping in set design and keeping the service flowing backstage, while joining Handy Dandy at times as Sunflower. Sunflower loves to keep Handy Dandy on his toes as he never knows what she has in store. She also joins Handy Dandy in the worship part of the service to encourage the children and adults to get involved.

Together Tim & Yvonne make a successful team. As contestants in the puppet competition at the 2006 Children’s Ministry Convention they were instrumental in leading the Pentecostals of Murfreesboro’s puppet team to a first place victory.  Since answering the Lord’s call, Tim & Yvonne have seen thousands of kids receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, including their own four and their 4 year old grandson.

If you’re looking for a kids evangelist that wears a suit and a tie and arrives with a simple backpack, then you’re looking at the wrong team.Hollywood has raised the bar too high for us to continue to sit back and bore kids with flannel graph and watching veggie tales. Our full stage setup is unlike any you have ever seen and has the kids on the edge of their seats even before the service starts.

God’s Handywork offers power packed evangelistic services that minister to the young and the young at heart. We use a wide variety of awesome puppets, object lessons, ballooning, get-up and dance action songs, gospel illusions, scientific experiments, clowning, stories, and drama!!

In this day and age of drugs, peer pressure, violence, and child abuse, We have accepted the call of God, to minister anointed eye level sermons to the leaders of tomorrow.

Experience an apostolic, Holy Ghost outpouring at your next children’s prayer revival, vacation bible school, kids crusade, or any other event that you are planning.

Tim’s Cell: 615-972-7193 | Yvonne’s Cell: 615-972-7192 |

Availability: Full Time